Course: RV102 - Preventive Maintenance


RV102 - Preventive Maintenance

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RV102 – Lesson 1.2: Hot Skin Condition

This is the simple version of checking for a Hot Skin Condition, it will be good for most people, in the RV103 – Intermediate Electricity is a more detailed and can detect low amounts of electricity, which if you or someone who is camping with you has a heart condition, you might want to consider using that method instead.

Step 1: Go to a known working electrical socket, like the one outside on your RV (assuming the GFCI has not popped), hold the NCVT in one hand like a screwdriver then placing the plastic into the smaller straight slot on the right, assuming the ground is at bottom of outlet. It should beep, now you know the NCVT is working correctly. If it did not beep, try the other slot. If it still did not beep, it could be the GFCI (see below) is tripped. You have a few other options, try it in a known working outlet either at home or at the campground.

Step 2: Going around your RV touch metal pieces of the RV, like door handles, bumper, etc. and the NCVT should NOT beep. If it does, make sure you are not slamming the end of it onto metal pieces just lightly touching, since if you slam it into the metal, it might cause it to beep erroneously. No beeping, excellent you are good. If you find beeping, you will want to contact a RV technician who specializes in searching out electrical issues, potentially trying to find it is beyond scope of this course.