Course: RV102 - Preventive Maintenance


RV102 - Preventive Maintenance

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RV102 – Lesson 2.1: Battery Types

Types of Batteries:

Maintenance Required (i.e.: Wet Cell, aka Lead Acid, flooded wet cell batteries)

Maintenance Free (i.e.: AGM, Lithium)

My motorhome engine battery requires maintenance and my house batteries do not, let’s look at each. 

There on the bottom left, is my engine battery (Wet Cell) and on the bottom right, I run 2 12V AGM batteries in parallel. Service: The one on the left requires liquid maintenance, the ones on the right are maintenance free, which means we don’t have to deal with checking the acid/water, aka electrolyte level, we will need to do the other checks. In next lesson we will discuss maintenance batteries..

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